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Best IOS Training in Gurgaon

Best IOS Training in Gurgaon & Best IOS Training Institute in Gurgaon

Get the best IOS training in Gurgaon. TCA is popular for providing quality training and education in Gurgaon and we can proudly say that TCA is one of the top IOS training providers in Gurgaon. Our all IOS trainers are experts in the training industry. The IOS training we provide is designed to suit the industry standard curriculum which makes it a 100% Job Guaranteed training program offered by us.

We at TCA, provide training which is live projects based training on IOS which creates confidence in students. IOS training in TCA is all about practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Here we teach students to learn, develop as well as deploy their IOS projects with us. Our industrial training on IOS program is guaranteed with 100% job assurance. Students having IOS certification from TCA are able to secure jobs in MNC.

All our trainers are very experienced in their respective field. All our trainers are professional and have plenty of experience and practical knowledge which they love to share with the students. Our expert trainers will guide you throughout the training to make you get ready for your dream job.

We take full responsibility for the training of the student. We train the students from the basic level to advanced concepts with a real-time environment. By joining the best IOS training provider in Gurgaon you will get the hands-on practice and thorough knowledge of subjects. This will increase their experience and built confidence in them.

A student who joins TCA, best IOS institute in Gurgaon becomes a family of member TCA. After the completion of the IOS training/course and certification. They get IOS training with the placement solution. In this placement solution, our placement team schedule placement drives and also send students to MNCs for interviews through our references. So, the assurance of job and moderate training fee support students to achieve their goals.

Under our industrial training on IOS program, we train students to develop 2 Projects during the period of 6 months industrial training on IOS. We help students to experience the real feel of industry's working environment during IOS training in Gurgaon. During their 6 months, industrial training period they come to learn the complete phases of SDLC.

In the best IOS training in Gurgaon TCA provide the IOS training and certification along with the placement program. The main topics which are going to be covered in IOS training are INTRODUCTION, Xcode, Objective-C for Experienced Programmers, Application Patterns and Architecture, Views and Windows, Storyboards, Table Views, Navigation Based Applications, UIPickerView and UIDatePicker, Directories and Files, Working with Data, and many more.

IOS Training in Gurgaon Course Content/Syllabus
Here is our IOS course syllabus given to understand the entire topics which will be covered in IOS. We recommend you to first go through this IOS syllabus properly which will enable to understood the things easily.

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Along with this course we have expert faculties who provide a lot of different other courses such as C and C++ Programming, Java (core) and Advance Java with frameworks, Android, Web Designing, PHP, Microsoft .NET, Big Data Hadoop, etc in CS/IT department and courses like AutoCAD, Solid Works, Primavera, Ansys, Revit, etc in Civil/Mechanical department and in Skill Development there courses such as Advance Excel, Microsoft Office, Tally ERP, Stenography Typing, etc. For more information, you can visit pages and know more or you can contact us.

IOS Training

IOS Syllabus


  • IOSiPhone and iPad Device Anatomy
  • IOSiOS Architecture and SDK Frameworks
  • IOSiOS and SDK Version Compatibility
  • IOSApple iOS Developer Program


  • IOSTour of the IDE
  • IOSTemplates, Projects, and Workspaces
  • IOSCreating a New Project
  • IOSDebug Gauges
  • IOSAsset Management
  • IOSXCTest Testing Framework
  • IOSContinuous Integration and Bots
  • IOSAutomatic Configuration

Objective-C for Experienced Programmers

  • IOSClasses, Objects, and Methods
  • IOSDeclared Properties
  • IOSMemory Management
  • IOSAutomatic Reference Counting (ARC)
  • IOSCategories and Extensions
  • IOSFormal and Informal Protocols
  • IOSBlocks

Application Patterns and Architecture

  • IOSModel View Controller (MVC)
  • IOSIBOutlets and IBActions
  • Subclassing and Delegation

Views and Windows

  • IOSThe View Hierarchy
  • IOSContainers
  • IOSControls
  • IOSText and Web Views
  • IOSNavigation View and Tab Bars
  • IOSAlert Views and Action Sheets
  • IOSControlling Rotation Behaviour
  • IOSView Autosizing
  • IOSAutolayout


  • IOSAdding Scenes
  • IOSSegues
  • IOSTransitions
  • IOSUsing in a Tab Bar Application

Table Views

  • IOSStatic and Dynamic Table Views
  • IOSDelegates and Data Sources
  • IOSTable View Styles
  • IOSCustom Cells

Navigation Based Applications

  • IOSAdding the Root View Controller
  • IOSCreating the Navigation Controller
  • IOSControlling the Stack Navigation Programmatically

UIPickerView and UIDatePicker

  • IOSDesigning the UI
  • IOSCoding for the Data Picker
  • IOSHiding the Keyboard
  • IOSMemory Management

Directories and Files

  • IOSNSFileManager, NSFileHandle, and NSData
  • IOSPathnames in Objective-C
  • IOSWorking with Directories
  • IOSWorking with Files
  • IOSReading and Writing from a File
  • IOSiCloud
  • IOSKey-Value Data
  • IOSArchiving

Working with Data

  • IOSSQLite Integration
  • IOSUsing SQLite Directly
  • IOSOverview of Core Data
  • IOSManaged Objects
  • IOSPersistent Store Coordinator
  • IOSEntity Descriptions
  • IOSRetrieving and Modifying Data

Multitouch, Taps, and Gestures

  • IOSThe Responder Chain
  • IOSTouch Notification Methods
  • IOSEnabling Multitouch on the View
  • IOSGesture Motions
  • IOSGesture Recognizers


  • IOSCore Graphics and Quartz 2D
  • IOSLines,Paths,andShapes


  • IOSCore Animation Blocks
  • IOSAnimation Curves
  • IOSTransformations


  • IOSApplication States
  • IOSBackground Execution
  • IOSBackground App Refresh in iOS 7
  • IOSState Restoration


  • IOSLocal Notifications
  • IOSPush Notifications

Core Location Framework

  • IOSLocation Accuracy
  • IOSObtaining Location Information
  • IOSCalculating Distances
  • IOSMapKit Framework and MKMapView


  • IOSGrand Central Dispatch (GCD)
  • IOSSerial and Concurrent Queues
  • IOSMain Dispatch Queue
  • IOSCompletion Blocks
  • IOSOperation Queues


  • IOSReachability
  • IOSSynchronous Downloads
  • IOSAsynchronous Downloads
  • IOSHandling Timeouts
  • IOSSending HTTP GET Requests
  • Sending HTTP POST Requests
  • IOSParsing JSON
  • IOSParsing XML
  • IOSAirDrop

Targeting Multiple Devices

  • IOSiPhone vs. iPad
  • IOSUniversal Apps
  • IOSMultiple SDK Support
  • IOSDetecting Device Capabilities
  • IOSSupporting iOS 6 and iOS 7


  • IOSResources
  • IOSLanguage and Region
  • IOSNSLocale
  • IOSText
  • IOSDates
  • IOSNumbers

Performance and Power Optimization

  • IOSMeasuring Performance
  • IOSInstruments
  • IOSResponsiveness
  • IOSMemory Usage, Spikes, and Leaks
  • IOSNetworking and Power
Download IOS Development Syllabus

Why Choose TCA for IOS Training in Gurgaon

  • TCA has highly experienced and qualified professional trainers.
  • Learn IOS with hands-on practice in a real environment.
  • TCA's best IOS training in Gurgaon provides job oriented course's syllabus.
  • TCA provides Live project-based IOS training in Gurgaon.
  • TCA's IOS training in Gurgaon is designed to suit the industry standard curriculum.
  • Authorized IOS Certification.
  • Fast Track classes are also available with best course fees.
  • TCA training institute in Gurgaon provide well-equipped lab facilities and decent infrastructure for IOS training.
  • Our best placement solution for job assurance.
  • TCA's IOS training center in Gurgaon provide IOS training in weekdays as well weekends.
  • At TCA, the best training company in Gurgaon we facilitate students with updated modern I.T technology and best learning environment.
  • We provide our own books editions which are designed to make the learning more easy and efficient.
  • Our labs have big screens and projectors which makes learning quite interesting.

TCA's Trainer's Profile for IOS Training in Gurgaon

  • Our trainers are experts in IOS technology.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced and mastered the IOS technology.
  • Our trainers know the demands of today's industry so they provide the training considering the industry competitions.
  • Our trainers have different important post working as an employee in Bank of America,
  • Our trainers have long teaching experience so they teach the students according to their level.

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